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Mission Critical Marketing Solutions

Fractional CMOs delivering turn-key marketing solutions for the Central Valley's leading industries.

Who We Are

Mission Critical is Your Fractional CMO Team

We are your marketing leadership team, empowered.

Why hire for multiple marketing positions when our team of two fractional CMOs delivers more results, in less time, for a fraction of the cost?

The Fractional CMO team of Scott Rodder and Randy George are ready to overdeliver on talent and maximize results for your organization.

We are the FIRST and ONLY Fractional CMO Team in the Central Valley driving your marketing to next-level results.

  • Have you struggled to find talented and experienced local marketing executives?

  • Is your search to hire executive marketing talent dragging on, causing your marketing efforts to fall behind?

  • Is your sales team bottlenecked by also being tasked with marketing?

  • Do you need marketing leadership for a limited time until you find a full-time hire? 

  • Could you benefit from marketing that scales when you need it?

  • Is marketing a top priority but the last thing on your agenda?

  • Are you losing time managing third-party vendors?

  • Do you have limited staff that inhibits your marketing effectiveness?


What We Do

We deliver 360 degree marketing leadership optimized for both time and cost for your organization.

Our goal is your goal: to increase leads and visibility, and as a result, increase sales. 

With over 50+ combined years of marketing and communication experience, we are the missing puzzle piece that makes your organization complete.

Our Approach

We commit to being your marketing leaders.

You and your customer come first.

We will communicate and collaborate with you.

We will act in your best interests using old-fashioned common sense.

We will act in your best interests using old-fashioned common sense.

If it makes sense to do it ourselves, we will do it ourselves. If it doesn't, we will find the best people - at the fairest price - for the job.

We commit to continually improve as partners, marketers, and as people.


Who We Serve

We provide vital marketing leadership to companies and organizations that need marketing without the cost and commitment of a full-time hire.

We primarily serve the following sectors/industries:

  • ag-related

  • manufacturing

  • medical

  • commercial

  • industrial

  • trade associations

  • member service organizations

What Is Fractional Marketing?

Their Definition:

Exclusive marketing leadership at a fraction of their time.

Our Definition:

Exclusive marketing leadership at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of our duo

Value Comparison:
Full Time Hire vs. Fractional CMO

Fractional Comparison

VP of Marketing (Hire)

The typical VP of Marketing earns $120,000 - $150,000 annually excluding: 

  • 401K + Matching

  • Benefits and Insurance

  • Relocation Fees

  • Hiring + Onboarding Time & Fees

  • Equipment + Software + IT Setup

According to Workopolis, the real cost of hiring a VP of Marketing is 1.5x to 3x the amount of the actual salary.

Additionally, it is rare to find a single executive who has the complete range of experience and skillsets to meet your business' needs.

Mission Critical CMOs (Fractional)

  • A Fractional CMO charges $125-$250 per hour and works 5-10 hours per week per client.

  • Gain the speed and synergy of two executives working in unison as your exclusive marketing team.

  • As marketing needs change daily, we continually invest in learning, adaptation, and technology.

  • At no cost to you, we come equipped with our own hardware, software, and essentials.

  • Reduced onboarding time and expense.

  • Clients aren't stuck paying benefits, insurance, and typical hiring fees.

  • Flexible and fractional marketing according to your needs, allowing you to scale effectively.

  • Expert leadership from not one, but two, executives.

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